To achieve digital marketing success by leveraging a location-based strategy, most seasoned SEO professionals start at the same place: creating a Google My Business listing.

Google My Business (GMB) – the free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of utilities – offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Features like Google’s Local Search results, which break out with a list of nearby businesses and much of the pertinent information needed to find a specific business (e.g., address, business hours, category, and reviews) and potentially buy something, further emphasize the need for a GMB listing for both new and established businesses.

Many local businesses (even ones with little or no SEO knowledge) are aware of GMB listings, and how easy it is to get traffic if your business is listed, without having to do much else. Today, you don’t have to know much about internet marketing to know you can list your business with GMB and get free marketing and traffic. This being such common knowledge, being listed above your competition comes down to CORRECT OPTIMIZATION of your Google My Business listing.

Each listing optimization pack comes with 500 words of native content about the business specifying it’s features, benefits and charms so it doesn’t look a generic submission little known fact, this is a very important optimization factor for being listed higher.

We can help you with the rest of the process before and afterwards though including doing the entire submission process on your behalf, and even verifying your listing for you after you receive your confirmation letter from Google to the address on your behalf. We try to make the process as hands off for you as we can, which we feel is the best offer any service provider can give you!

Our GMB Review Process

We are local SEO specialists who can help you review your GMB profile and advise you on whether it is being leveraged properly. For this, we will need restricted access to your GMB account. We follow a rigorous four-step process while reviewing an account:

  • We find out more about your industry, understand your business potential in the targeted area, and then compare the incoming volume of leads to potential leads.
  • We verify whether you have targeted all possible keywords and if yes, evaluate their performance.
  • We see whether you have completed your GMB profile and if not, what is missing and devise the best strategies to complete them.
  • We provide advice on leveraging Google Posts and other GMB features.


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