The ultimate goal of a marketing campaign other than establishing your brand and improving its image – is to make people fall in love with it. If you genuinely want people to fall in love with your brand, think of it as a person. After all, a brand is like the personification of your business – it has goals, ideals, continually changing, evolving, improving, and something that you can rely on.

People want a brand that they can relate to. Something that they have a connection with. And if you want people to fall in love with your brand, you need to court people with your brand. And here’s how:


  1. Engage

This part can’t be stressed enough for anyone trying to have a successful marketing campaign. The more your brand communicates with your costumers, the more they get to know your brand and feel familiar with it. The more they get to be familiar with your brand, the more they’ll trust it. And when a customer believes your brand – they’ll buy it.

Research shows that more than 75% of consumers say that they base their purchases and buying decisions with their emotions. Just know that your efforts towards connecting with your customers will be rewarded.

There’s also a recent survey stating that a casual customer has a 90% chance of becoming a loyal customer when they are emotionally invested with the brand.

  1. Personalize Content

This doesn’t mean that you create content for each of your customer 1 by 1, that’d take too much resources. And if you write for a general audience, chances are, people will have a hard time connecting with your brand.

What you need to do is to find that sweet spot. When writing content, imagine writing it to someone who you’re familiar with – someone you know. Don’t be too formal, unless it’s required.

Listen to feedbacks and what people want from you – engage with them through various platforms. Offer solutions, and don’t just shove your products or services to their face.

  1. Surprise and Delight

Just like in real life, surprises can make people feel all kinds of special. It shows that they matter to you and that you’re attentive to them. Brand surprises are the same – when you surprise your customers with something, it immediately forms a connection.

Although it may seem like an underhanded tactic, seasoned marketers use this technique and know the principles of surprise and delight. The practice of surprise and delight is even more significant now due to the popularity of social media.

The surprise and delight, also known as a random act of kindness, can be done through various things such as advertisements, product demos, sponsored events, and more.

  1. Consistency

Let me ask you, in real life, do you want to date someone unreliable and inconsistent? No right?

The same goes for your brands. How long do you expect your customers to be loyal to your brand if you’re not consistent? Keep in mind that your service or product isn’t unique, and costumers can just jump ship to a better brand.

When you maintain consistency, it lets people know what to expect from your brand. Not only that, being consistent raises your value as a company. Some elements in your brand that you can stay consistent with are your logo, images, delivery, quality, and content.